McDonalds workers are soon set to go on strike in support of their claims to a minimum pay of £10 an hour, the right to join a union without being bullied by higher ups and the abolishment of zero hour contracts.

McDonalds are the second most influential business in the world with profits of over 10.5 billion last year, and their Luton based boss is currently earning 10,000,000 a year while refusing to accept workers rights to reasonable working conditions and pay.

Last year chief executive took home a pay package of 15.35 million, McDonalds workers, the story couldn’t be more different. Bakers food and allied workers union came back in favour of strike action in July. McDonalds branches went on strike, in the first industry action of its kind in the UK.

RAG feels that no-one should be earning less than £10 an hour and nobody should be expected to work in an environment where harassment and bullying is commonplace. It is particularly hard for young workers with under 18s earning just over £4 an hour.



Easily, for people who are currently employed you can join the IWW for just £2 a month and receive the benefits of union representation, as well as backing for any claims you personally want to make.
If you feel that you could benefit from union representation, as most workers do, you can join the IWW and receive support and help for any workplace issues. Workers shouldn’t rely on government negotiations, they should work in solidarity with the unions to fight for their basic rights. Whether your job sucks or is “pretty good” , the IWW believe that we need to start sticking up for our coworkers in our workplaces and in our industries. Ask around on your next shift. How many coworkers have two or three jobs? How many are one pay cheque away from an eviction? We have a duty to our co-workers, and those who will follow in our footsteps, to make things better. The only way to do this is to organise together. When we band together around our common experiences and interests, we can improve our jobs and industries. Our labor, not our bosses, is what makes our workplaces tick and we can use our labor power to improve our jobs and our communities in the short term. In a lot of ways, that is what unions are all about.
With the IWW, you also belong to a union that has a long term vision and plan for workers’ control of their own work, without bosses, making our industries and economy democratic.
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You can show support by spreading the word. The IWW isn’t just for McDonalds workers but all workers across all different industries, working together to ensure that basic human rights are always met.